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New Bakelite® FoamSet: A revolution to lower energy construction

Efficient and time rational foaming thermosetting plastics as heat-insulating construction materials: this is what the new Bakelite Synthetics Bakelite® FoamSet Materials are all about. The development process was financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs of Germany in the project ‘FoamSet-Energy-efficient manufactured nature-based thermoset rigid foams for the reduction of energy losses in building construction and in technical installations’, funded within the framework of the 6th Energy Research Program of the Federal Government and supervised by the project executing organization Juelich. In addition to Bakelite Synthetics, the project consortium consists of the companies KraussMaffei, EJOT, Schöck, Bosch and the Institute of plastics engineering at the University of Chemnitz.

Its purpose is the utilization of the high material potential of phenolic resin systems in the scope of energy-optimized construction. Approximately 40% of the German energy consumption and approximately 1/3 of the CO 2 emissions are accounted for in the building sector. Phenolic resin systems are underrepresented on the market despite very good insulating and material properties. One primary objective is the development of a cost efficient manufacturing process (extrusion and injection molding) to produce self-supporting insulating components.

The new Bakelite Synthetics Bakelite® FoamSet Materials are characterized by a great heat stability with low thermal expansion, a good pull-out strength for screw connections, higher fire resistance and reduced smokes and toxicity, e.g. “Best-in-class FST performance”.

Bakelite® FoamSet Materials come with the following material advantages:

  • High flame retardance
  • Good thermal insulation properties,
  • High temperature resistance,
  • High strength, stiffness,
  • High chemical resistance,
  • Self-foaming formulation – no additional technology e.g. MuCell necessary

Bakelite® FoamSet Materials are supplied as free-flowing granules and are processable by injection and compression molding and continuous extrusion. This maximizes its mechanical performance and leads to a proven thickness from 1,5 mm to 30mm and a reduced density from 0,85 g/cm3. A storage-stability of more than one year is guaranteed.

For more information, consult with Bakelite Synthetics.