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When the Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite® in 1907, he might never have thought that he created one of the most significant and versatile technical materials ever. From everyday objects to high-performance under the hood parts: Bakelite® thermosets are used in a variety of applications.

Therefore, Bakelite® is often referred to as the material of the 1000 possibilities: Compared to other technical materials, it is in terms of processing, applicability and profitability equivalent, if not superior. Remarkable heat resistance, surface hardness, difficult flammability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties: There is no better material than Bakelite® molding compounds. Recyclability, attractive design and feel are the advantages of this material.

With Bakelite® PF 2020 we go one step further and create a product that focuses holistically on sustainability. Bakelite® of a new generation.


Bakelite® PF 2020

Use resources responsibly. Produce products sustainably.

1. Responsible usage of the resources of nature.

Our research and product development is about sustainability. We work daily to design and improve our products and processes in harmony with nature.                                                                                           

Bakelite® PF 2020 focuses on environmental protection: Through the targeted use of renewable natural raw materials - such as wood flour which is a significant and integral part of the formulation - and the use of secondary raw materials, we have succeeded in closing the gap between ecology and economics.


2. We take care of a sustainable cycle.

Another important building block of sustainable resource management is recyclability of Bakelite® PF 2020. Engineering Thermosets are free of halogen and heavy metals. Therefore the regranulated plastics can be used again. Recycling concepts for that circle are an active prorgramme and have been developed and tested for many years for a significant reduction of waste dump.

3. Trust and closeness are basic principles of our actions.

We are part of a value chain responsible network partners. We are committed to each other and We take that very seriously. The local proximity guarantees a more environmentally friendly logistics.

4. We already use today the energy of tomorrow.

Not only in the choice of raw materials, but also in the processing is the protection of the environment and sustainability supreme motto: By introducing certified energy management, we are already making a significant contribution to a green production - and we are committed to doing so in the future continue to optimize. Where possible, we lower our energy consumption, which reduces the emission of CO2.

5. An environmentally conscious network of certifi ed partners.

We want to be a pioneer and visionary and choose our partners very conscious and the highest Quality and ethics criteria.

This is how we become part of a value chain responsible network partners.


A new age. A unique look.


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