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This smartphone holder impresses with its simple design and the elegant appearance of the Bakelite® PF 31 plastic used. This plastic, proven in many durable applications for decades, combines exceptional durability with high resistance to external influences such as temperature fluctuations and chemical substances.
The use of Bakelite® PF 31 ensures excellent tactile feedback, effortlessly meeting the demands of modern daily life.
One of the outstanding features of Bakelite® PF 31 is its sustainability. Bakelite Synthetics has long been committed to environmentally friendly solutions. This material consists largely of renewable resources and
is notable for its remarkably low greenhouse gas emissions during production. Therefore, the smartphone holders from Bakelite Synthetics not only represent functional products but are also environmentally

The smartphone holders, designed by one of our esteemed customers, offer an optimal fit and aesthetically pleasing design that seamlessly integrates into the modern aesthetics of sleek smartphone models. This holder ensures a secure and stable position, whether on the desk, kitchen table, or in a private garden.
The smartphone holders were developed and manufactured by the renowned company Debak AS. Based in Denizli, Turkey, this company has specialized in the production of technical parts and high-quality
commodities from thermosetting and thermoplastic materials since 1992. Debak AS operates as a reliable partner for leading companies in various industrial sectors and boasts extensive experience in producing highquality products.